Curatela del compianto Matteo Pizzigallo pubblicata postuma

The volume aims at assessing several relevant case studies which contribute to highlight the current political, social and economic situation of the Mediterranean region, in the aftermath of the so-called Arab Springs. In particular, the chapters of the book are devoted to analyze history, legacy, and perspectives of the revolutions, reforms and transition processes which have taken place in the region since 2001 and which led to reshaping the strategic environment of the region. The volume is focused on the case studies of Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, and Egypt, and it is enriched by a general and in-depth historical reconstruction of the Mediterranean region from WWI to the most recent developments. The volume combines historical and analytical approach, and its final objective is to provide interpretations and to suggest further research and investigations related to the impact and the consequences of the Arab Springs on the Mediterranean balance of power.

Casa editrice: Editrice Apes